Oblivia: Annika gör Svansjön

Price: 15 Length: 1 h Language: Swedish

Annika uses the ballet Swanlake as a framework for the performance and deals with the fact that the idea of making Swanlake into a solo was not such a great idea after all.

“My intention was to make a solo of Swanlake, Very soon I realised that the template felt both stuffy and dated. However much I tried, I could not be too enthusiastic about the story of a young man that falls in love with a swan on his coming of age birthday. Yet I was drawn to Swanlake. The challenge to make something intimate of something on that grand scale was of course tiltillating. ”.

Apart from Swanlake the solo consist of autobiographical strands and Annika returns to her life in literature- and gender studies in the 1990’s, and to her experience of dance analysis and dance criticism.

On stage: Annika Tudeer
Text: Annika Tudeer
Dramaturgy: Lina Teir, Timo Fredriksson
Sound: Juuso Voltti
Costumes: Tua Helve
Seamstress: Anni Konttinen
Production: Marina Andersson-Rahikkka/Oblivia