RedNoseClub & Teatteri Quo Vadis: Juoksuhaudantie

Price: 18 Length: 2 h Language: Finnish

RedNoseClub picked up Kari Hotakainen’s prize-winning novel Trench Road and adapted it into a refreshingly original and endearing performance. The novel is a tragicomic portrait of a Finnish man’s mental landscape.

Mike and Zin adventure in the world of comedy and tragedy as only clowns can. To top off the absolutely brilliant clowning, Mike and Zin’s performance is partly improvised. And that’s not all: the rhythm of the performance is set by acoustic live music, from U2 to Johnny Cash.

RedNoseClub is a Helsinki-based theatre group that specializes in theatre clownery – especially improvized verbal and situational comedy. Director Otso Kautto is the founder of the internationally appreciated Theatre Quo Vadis.

Actors: Timo Ruuskanen, Tuukka Vasama
Director: Otso Kautto
Costume design: Tuomas Lampinen