Samfundet Ehrensvärd: Amiralen och den försvunna lotsen

6+ Price: 5 Length: 1,5 h Language: Swedish

It is the summer of 1790. The construction of Suomenlinna has progressed according to the plan and many ships have been built for the archipelago fleet at the drydock. The vessels are waiting to be sailed out to sea.

The crew is on standby, but the pilot has disappeared. The coast of Suomenlinna is shallow and rocky, but the pilot knows where the great sailing ships can safely sail past them to the open sea. They need to get away, so Admiral Henrik Fredrik af Chapman start the search and calls witty adventurers to help him.

Will they find the pilot and will they get to sail away? Come and help the admiral to solve the mystery of the missing pilot. Fluttering skirts, razor-sharp insights and exciting scenes are promised. May the adventure begin!

Actors: Salla Markkanen, Gogo Idman, Samuel Karlsson, Frank Skog
Author, director: Frank Skog
Producer, costumes: Sanna Pietilä