Samfundet Ehrensvärd: Kungen och den försvunna kronan

6–13 Price: 5 Length: 1 h 30 min. Language: Swedish

Kungen och den försvunna kronan (The king and the lost crown) is a historic and reality-based adventure tour that takes the children (6-13 years) and their parents on an exciting journey to Suomenlinna in the age of enlightenment. While the adventurers follow the clues and solve tasks, they meet interesting people from bygone times. In a vivid and fun way, the performance tells about the World Heritage Site Suomenlinna and about life in the 18th century.

Script, directing: Frank Skog
Costumes, production: Sanna Pietilä
Actors: Alexander Wendelin, Petra Heinänen & Gogo Idman