Scarlattineteatro: In-Boscati / The Eyes Path #2 The Siren

Price: 20 Length: 1 h 15 min. Language: English

In-Boscati is a site-specific performance that gets a new look in Hanko. The show is based on Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s History of The Professor And The Siren. ScarlattineTeatro and acting students from Teak will lead the audience on a dreamy journey discovering idyllic streets, forests, rocks, mountains, parks and beaches around Hanko. The show is an enchanting mix of music, theatre, dance, visual arts and poetry.

Idea: Michele Losi, Anna Fascendini, Barbara Pizzo
Realisation: Noemi Bresciani, Adalberto Ferrari, Angela Giassi, Manuela Gugliotta, Ruth Janssen, Michele Losi, Marco Mazza, Riccardo Olivier, Barbara Pizzo, Joseph Scicluna, Anna Turina & Teak
Production: ScarlattineTeatro – Campsirago Residenza Monte di Brianza