HTT skrivet med grönt på beige-pink bakgrund, bokstäverna har illustrationer av växter.

Seminar: CAMST – How do we work together?

Price: 0 Length: 2 h 15 min. Language: Swedish

During the last decades, the free art field has had the chance to give expression to new performing arts and new ways of organising. The structures surrounding the art field, however, have not been developed at the same rate. Free performing artists are often left alone with hidden hierarchies and unstated responsibilities, the consequences of which are reflected in the discussions that in the past few years have been held within the industry: abuse of power, mental health problems, economic vulnerability, the fear of losing job opportunities, sexual harassment, cultures of silence.

During the two-part seminar, representatives of the free field share their thoughts and experiences regarding their ways of working. The first hour takes the form of presentations, while the second (after a lunch break) takes the form of a panel discussion.

The discussion takes place in Swedish.

The seminar is a collaboration between CAMST and Hangö Teaterträff.