Ett collage av Kanon Remote konstnärer, alla talar i telefon.

She She Pop: Kanon Remote

Price: 0 Length: 1,5 h Language: Swedish, Finnish, English, German, Spanish

In times of a pandemic, going to the theatre becomes a distant memory that slowly fades away. The German collective She She Pop is unable to show their performance Canon in front of an audience. Such an uncontrolled means of transmission from an individual body to the euphoric collective of all those present is a highly questionable act at the moment. But they do vow to carry the torch on. In fragmentary accounts, they will conjure up unforgettable stage moments from memory and narrate a canon of the evening, together with their audience.

To do this, She She Pop are switching to a medium just as transient as theatre, albeit not as public and thankfully less infectious, at least in these times: individual telephone conversations. Call centre, helpline or hotline: Kanon Remote isn’t a show, it’s a service. Whoever calls up will get one of the cast of Kanon Remote on the phone and hear about an essential moment in the performing arts. But the list is also open for your own tales and entries into the canon.

She She Pop is a performance collective that was founded in the 90s, and its members are Sebastian BarkJohanna FreiburgFanni HalmburgerLisa LucassenMieke MatzkeIlia PapatheodorouBerit Stumpf and Elke Weber, their creative producer.

The members of the group are predominantly women and they work as a collective. The performers see themselves as authors, dramaturges and practitioners of their stage art. The inclusion of their own autobiographies is above all the method and not the purpose of their work.

She She Pop celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2018. The HAU Hebbel am Ufer theatre has been a continuous co-producer and cooperation partner in Berlin since 2003.