A pink paper with two flowers taped to it floats in the water, with rain drops falling down.

Sinna Virtanen: Asphodel Meadows

Price: 15 / 30 € Length: 1,5 h Language: Swedish & Finnish

Asphodel Meadows is a site-specific work that, at its heart, is about the seagrass meadows of the Baltic Sea and a hidden sorrow that has not been grieved. The work was born out of a need to create space for sorrow, a need to look at the sea, a need to look in the sea.

The performance takes place in Swedish and Finnish, but the English translation will be handed out to those who want or need it.

The working group consists of Nordic artists of various disciplines. Sinna Virtanen is a Helsinki-based writer, dramaturg, and performance maker. Malou Zilliacus is a Stockholm-based actor and performance maker, and Geoffrey Erista is a Helsinki-based actor, dancer, and performance artist. Samu-Jussi Koski is a Helsinki-based costume designer, while Tatu Nenonen is a Helsinki-based sound designer.

Concept, dramaturgy, text, direction: Sinna Virtanen
Performers: Malou Zilliacus, Geoffrey Erista
Costume design: Samu-Jussi Koski
Sound design: Tatu Nenonen
Costume planning: Tarja Anttila
Sewing of hats and costumes: Marja Huttunen
Preparation of the performers’ hats: Tutta Lauren
Producers: Jonas Welander, Sinna Virtanen
Production: Pro Artibus
Photo: Anna Salmisalo
Supported by: Svenska kulturfonden, Otto A. Malms donationsfond, Taike, Niilo Helanderin säätiö, Sam Huberin säätiö, Nygrens stiftelse, Konstsamfundet

Asphodel Meadows is commissioned by Pro Artibus.