A pink paper with two flowers taped to it floats in the water, with rain drops falling down.

Sinna Virtanen: Asphodel Meadows

Price: 15 / 30 Length: 1,5 h Language: Swedish

Asphodel Meadows is a site-specific work that, at its heart, is about the seagrass meadows of the Baltic Sea and a hidden sorrow that has not been grieved. The work was born out of a need to create space for sorrow, a need to look at the sea, a need to look in the sea.

The working group consists of Nordic artists of various disciplines. Sinna Virtanen is a Helsinki-based writer, dramaturg, and performance maker. Malou Zilliacus is a Stockholm-based actor and performance maker, and Geoffrey Erista is a Helsinki-based actor, dancer, and performance artist. Samu-Jussi Koski is a Helsinki-based costume designer, while Tatu Nenonen is a Helsinki-based sound designer.

Concept, dramaturgy, text, direction: Sinna Virtanen
Performers: Malou Zilliacus, Geoffrey Erista
Costume design: Samu-Jussi Koski
Sound design: Tatu Nenonen
Producers: Jonas Welander, Sinna Virtanen
Photo: Jakob Öhrmann
Production: Pro Artibus

Asphodel Meadows is commissioned by Pro Artibus.