Smeds Ensemble: Sad songs from the heart of Europe

Price: 20 Length: 1 h 45 min. Language: Lithuanian (Swedish interpretation)

The show is based on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s great novel Crime and Punishment. The main character is not
Raskolnikov himself, but his lover, Sonja Marmeladova, the good-natured, devoted, and condemned Sonja, who is by force driven to prostitution. Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe does not take place in St. Petersburg in 1866, but in today’s Europe – perhaps in the city of Vilnius, perhaps in a small village in Hungary, France or Switzerland. Or maybe in the Finnish idyllic coastal town of Hanko?

Director & script: Kristian Smeds
On stage: Aldona Bendoriūtė
Interpreter: Reeta Tuoresmäki