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Subfrau & Blaue Frau: This Is Not My Money

18+ Price: 0 Length: 2,5 h Language: Swedish

In 2001, the newly formed drag king group, Subfrau, was invited to the drag king festival GO DRAG in Berlin. Full of anticipation, we set off with a show that was mostly in our heads and a title we loved: This is Not My Body. We would deconstruct the female body, it would be dismantled into the skin, down to the bone, that much we knew. We rehearsed evenings and nights in someone’s living room on Oranienburger Strasse, where we also slept and partied. The performance was received with standing ovations, and the world opened up to Subfrau.

The times have changed. The world, us, our bodies, our perspectives. We are established now, but nothing is finished. Now we think: This is not my money. We will deconstruct money, it will be dismantled into the skin, down to the bone, that much we know.

Subfrau’s comeback invites its audience to a shaky, wobbly, and wild charity event. Feeling guilty that we have been granted privileges on loose grounds, and that we have used said privilege to destroy the environment, we invite you to a place where money and goods circulate. Money and things are given away to someone who needs them more than us, or maybe just to the one who pays the most? Instead of buying tickets, we ask the audience to bring something they own and are willing to sell to us. The items the audience brings create the performance itself: through the audiences’ items, we discuss ownership, gifts, charity, capitalism, and memories – and who we are without the endless amounts of stuff we surround ourselves with.

Please note that the ticket price is an object you are willing to part with. We ask that you take this object with you when you come to the performance.

Subfrau was founded in 2001 by eight women from Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, coursemates at Helsinki Theatre Academy. Subfrau was created after a three-week drag king course with the Scottish performance artist Diane Torr. The group has produced extensive tours and performed at numerous festivals. Subfrau consists of Sonja AhlforsLotten RoosKristina AlstamIda Løken ValkeapääMarika SalomaaJoanna Wingren, Sofia Törnqvist, and María Pálsdóttir.

Founded in 2005, Blaue Frau is a professional, feminist theater group with regular and continuous work with over 30 performance art works in their portfolio. The group works thematically, non-hierarchically, conceptually, site- and time-specifically, and with participatory art. Their goal is to re-formulate and challenge theatre both in form and content. Blaue Frau’s permanent personnel consists of the group’s artistic directors, actors, and producers Joanna Wingren and Sonja Ahlfors.

Lisen Rosell is a Swedish artist, director, and actor. Josefin Hinders is a Swedish artist, set designer, and light designer who works in theatre, dance, and music. Eddie Mio Larson is a Swedish actor and director who acts as one of the artistic directors of the queer-feminist group kvalitetsteatern.

Concept: Subfrau, Blaue Frau & Lisen Rosell
Process leader: Lisen Rosell, Eddie Mio Larson
Performers: Sonja Ahlfors, Lotten Roos, Kristina Alstam, Joanna Wingren & María Pálsdóttir
Scenography, costume & light design: Josefin Hinders
Production: Subfrau / Blaue Frau
Light technician on tour: Alina Pajula
Production assistant: Alexander Holmlund
Graphic design: Johan Isaksson