En person i vita kläder står med ryggen mot kameran, tittar nedåt. På bakdelen av kjolen syns blod.

Susie Wang: Mumiebrun

Price: 15 Length: 1,5 h Language: Norwegian

Margit is in the museum looking back at things when the past attacks.
– Ouch, she cries.
– I told you, the museum guard says.

Mumiebrun is the second performance in Susie Wang’s horror-trilogy about human nature and the imitation of it. With the female body as an excavation field, Susie Wang performs an opposite kind of archaeology, where the past finds man and pulls her down.

Susie Wang is a Norwegian theatre group consisting of Trine FalchMartin LanglieMona Solhaug and Bo Krister Wallström. After some years of collaboration, they came together as Susie Wang in 2017. Susie is thus young, but some of the members are old and used to be part of the performance collective Baktruppen. Or as they say: Susie Wang was brought up with a blasted worldview. Tired of reflecting the world in fragments, she has started to pick up the pieces and put them together as dramatic storylines.

Concept: Susie Wang
On stage: Mona Solhaug, Julie Solberg, Kim Atle Hansen & Sinna Virtanen
Text, direction: Trine Falch
Scenography: Bo Krister Wallström
Sound, music: Martin Langlie
Light: Phillip Isaksen & Bo Krister Wallström
SFX: Fanney Antonsdottir
Photo: Alette Schei Rørvik
Producer: Frøydis Århus
Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting, The Audio and Visual Fund