Svenska Teatern: Rübezahl

Price: 20 Length: 2 h 10 min. Language: Swedish

Toffe and his brother grow up in one of the famous houses on Bulevardi. In the evenings their dad is telling tales about Rübezahl, the whimsical giant in the German folklore, but they’re also telling other stories within the family. Stories that make an impression on the children, as big as the folklores, during the late 1970s and early 1980s in Finland.

Rubezahl is Kristofer Möller’s play about his childhood in the 1970s Helsinki.

About two boys, a family, the dark shadow of the war and – Jättis ice cream.

Actors: Anna Hultin, Mikael Andersson, Dick Idman, Patrick Henriksen & Simon Häger
Directed by: Julian Garner
Set & costume design: Hanne Horte
Prompter, stage manager: Ann-Mari Skrabb
Hair, make-up: Tiitta Stoor
Dresser: Tiina Häkkinen
Stage manager: Henrik Mickelsson
Light technician: Tom Laurmaa
Stage technician: Toffe Österlund