Föreställningsbild av Norppa Live.

teater 90°: Norppa-live med teater 90°

Price: 0 Length: entire festival day Language: Swedish

Ambiguous times call for ambiguous ideas! What is art when it is the practice that is emphasised instead of the result, when the artists can be childlike and free, follow their own impulses and free themselves of internal and external demands? What happens when you can freely create, do, and play together?

Norppa-live med teater 90° is a kind of open remote rehearsal during which something maybe happens, or maybe not. Who can tell? teater 90° cannot! Cars, escapes, werewolves? Or something completely different!

The seal’s (Norppa, Pusa hispiga) value is not in the moment we see it sunbathing on the stone, its value is in its existence. (Is it the same with art?) Come and look for art with teater 90°!

Norppa-live is an experimental chapter in the group’s artistic work that deals with escapism and freedom. During the festival day, the group will do live experiments with scenes whose creative process the audience can witness via webcam.

Edith Holmström is an actor who works as a freelancer, voice-over actor and with teater 90°. Akse Pettersson is a director, playwright and set designer who works as a freelancer and as the artistic director of Teatteri Takomo.

Markus Riuttu works as a freelancing actor on Finnish and Swedish stages as well as in teater 90°. Jonatan Sundström is a cinematographer who also works as a video designer for performing arts projects.