Teater Povre: Varför måste jag alltid diska?

Price: Length: 1 h Language: Swedish, Finnish

“Hi! Welcome to dine at our house. Come see me chopping onions. Or rightfully said, when I try to do it the right way. Or when I instead of cooking, do the dishes. I’ve heard I’m not good with spices, according to her; the expert in the kitchen. Actually, she’s more of an expert on making the whole kitchen spin. I better keep some distance. I’ll be right back. PS. Let’s not even mention setting the table. And all that other stuff. Well, you know.”

Join us on a tragicomic and poetic journey where you and I collide. With mimic parts and quick steps, we tell a story of a completely ordinary couple, a collision, a broken chair, a heavy table and glowering eyes.

Concept: Agneta Lindroos, Julia Johansson, Karoliina Surma-Aho
Director: Agneta Lindroos
On stage: Julia Johansson, Karoliina Surma-Aho
Set design: Agneta Lindroos, Julia Johansson, Karoliina Surma-Aho
Costumes: Nina Silfverberg, Agneta Lindroos, Julia Johansson
Hair, make-up: Anna Vesterback
Sound: Agneta Lindroos
Light: Jonas Axberg, Agneta Lindroos
Seamstress: Ann Philp
Technician: Joel Forsbacka