Teater Venus: Gimme Another Country

Price: 15 Length: 1 h Language: Finnish & Swedish

Gimme Another Country is the second part in the series of Theatre Venus’s existential musical theater performances. The show takes on Revenge itself, the debts of the earlier generations and the most loaded of all communities, the family. The show is full of desperados, excited post-incarnate saloon atmosphere, broken strings, ancestral shadows, gunpowder smoke and sharp teeth. A performance that takes place on earth and underground, in this life and the next, with or without Gods permission.

Directed by: Minna Harjuniemi
Set design: Paula Koivunen
Lights: Pekka Pitkänen
On stage: Max Bremer, Sam Huber, Joakim Guthwert, Åsa Nybo, Pontus Gylling, Oskar Silèn, Paula Koivunen
Text: Minna Harjuniemi
Music and lyrics: Team