Teater Viirus: Valet och kvalet

Price: 18 Length: 2 h 15 min. Language: Swedish

Political satire on the highest and lowest levels. We will meet familiar politicians, shameless business leaders and an upset cultural elite together with the ordinary people, citizens from the archipelago in the Finnish bay to the Lapland mountains’ heights. They are all part of the same social structure – whether they like it or not .

The performance transforms current politics into a dazzling musical spectacle that derails to the left and to the right, without forgetting the value issues.

Text: Christoffer Strandberg + työryhmä
Director: Tobias Zilliacus
On stage: Marika Parkkomäki, Robert Kock, Christoffer Strandberg
Scenography: Nicke von Weissenberg
Music: Robert Kock
Sound design: Björn Karlsson
Costumes: Elina Riikonen
Make-up: Tuija Luukkainen
Choreography: Maria Ahlroth
Dramaturgy: Christoffer Mellgren
Props: Fanny Svanberg