Teatteri Takomo: Dark side of the mime

18+ Price: 15 Length: 55 min. Language: nonverbal

Dark Side Of The Mime is an audacious, dark and dirty romp that will have Marcel Marceau turning in his grave. Its raunchy humour will take you by surprise.

You will love this new kind of mime with splatter and erotic imagery. It is extreme and extremely funny.

Actor and mime artist Marc Gassot is joined by his accompanist Karl Sinkkonen on keyboards. Together they bring you this multi award winning late night physical show.

Are you bold enough to enter the Dark Side Of The Mime?

Directed by: Akse Pettersson
On stage: Marc Gassot
Music: Karl Sinkkonen
Musician: Karl Sinkkonen
Light: Teemu Nurmelin
Technician: Teemu Nurmelin