TOTEM-teatern: Jag är kungen!

Price: 5 Length: 50 min. Language:

I am King! is a story about a man and a woman who really mess things up and do a bunch of terrible things. Even though at first everything is just fine. The performance looks into what happens when you do things just the way you want to without considering the consequences of your actions. Would everything have gone differently if Lady Macbeth hadn’t been so bored all alone in her castle? TOTEM-theatre uses a variety of means of art to journey into Shakespeare’s classic play in the company of Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, King Duncan, and of course, the witches.

Directed by: Marielle Eklund-Vasama
On stage: Päivi Rissanen & Pasi Lappalainen
Script: Marielle Eklund-Vasama + working group