Mäklaren presenteras med en ballong.

TOTEM-teatern: Tulip Bubble – the stock market crash and the origin of money

7–12 Price: 8 Length: 1 h Language: Swedish

Tulip Bubble is a modern educational performance about the nature of money and playingwith coins. The audience gets to participate in a tulip auction in 17th century Amsterdam. The performance is based on the historical events of tulip mania, and along with Scrooge the tycoon, Broker, chairperson of the auction, leads the audience through the history of money and, in the midst of the auction’s tumult, teaches us the meaning of money. Money is a shockingly fine invention, children!

The foremost task of TOTEM-theatre is to promote Finnish children’s culture, which the theatre does by producing theatre performances aimed at 7 to 12-year-olds and by organising audience work. TOTEM-theatre’s core competence is contemporary children’s theatre that deals with current phenomena from the perspective of young viewers. The theatre seeks to be a pioneer in its aesthetic and repertoire, and its main form of activity is touring.

Manuscript & direction: Janne Saarakkala
Translation: Annina Enckell
Scenography, costum design: Paula Koivunen
Light design: Jaanus Lintera
Sound design: Janne Saarakkala
On stage: Jan-Christian Söderholm & Päivi Rissanen
Technician: Jaanus Lintera
Produktion: TOTEM-teatern, Tiina Piispa