En vampyr med en fladdermus på axeln och flaska i handen där det står blod.

Turteatern: Nosferatu

Price: 8 Length: 35 min. Language: Swedish

Nosferatu is a horror symphony for 4 to 7-year-old children.

Nosferatu is a vampire who lives alone in an enormous dark castle, and they try to pass the time by figuring out the best scary prank, talking to their friend Fladderfredrik och writing letters to death. Together with Råttrik, a rat who plays the organ, Nosferatu awaits their next visitor… Do you dare go in and say hello?

The performance is a visual and musical experience where the atmosphere is sometimes fun and inviting, and sometimes slightly scary.

Content warnings:
theatre smoke & strobe lighting

Theatre Without Reactionaries promotes an experimental, border-crossing and political theatre for children, youths and adults. They want to be a theatre without conventional boundaries, where high and low culture are mixed and where the strongest guiding principles are inclination, bravery and loving disrespect.

Director: Marie Nikazm Bakken
Scenography, light: Hannele Philipson & Sofia Linde
Make-up, costume: Jessica Hedin
With: Maria Zakrisson Mortensson & Staffan Bråsjö
Communication: Sam Johansdotter
Technical chef: Jenni Gody
Technician: Anna Jondelius
Producer: Mirjam Gelhorn
Production assistant: Dina Luterkort
Directing assistant: Nina Rudawski
Child dramaturgs: Hera af Ekenstam, Ali af Ekenstam, Loui Hedin, Soley Nyke, Isabelle Hedin, Gretchen Hertz & Sonja Ericsson Söderqvist
Photo: KlaraG