Turteatern/Ruby Rose: Frasse & Mats – The Real Men’s Show

Price: 18 Length: 2 h Language: Swedish

Welcome to the most masculinizing and sexiest male-show ever made!

It’s “Ladies night” meets pickup artist Julien Blanc in a male channel with guests and guaranteed non-feminist cunt for dessert. 

We offer car testing, history, racing, drinks, a strip show, babe rating, erotic magic, movie reviews, sports, motorbikes, how reach extreme homemade pleasure and coaching to achieve maximum polarization between genders. And last but not least – how to turn all woman into your personal private sex slaves!

Raw-man method, eat your heart out and make room for Frasse and Mats – the real men.

Frasse and Mats – The Real Mens Show is a deconstruction of patriarchal and sexist power structures.

The characters Frasse and Mats is played by two female performing artists linked to the feminist performing arts collective Ruby Rose.

Concept, on stage: Ester Uddén, Py Huss-Wallin
Directorial assistance: Nils Poletti
Producer: Fanny Enberg
Technician: Nils Poletti, Robert Wiberg