Työpaja: Blaue Frau – Tove Sahlin / Shake it Collaborations: D.D.R Desire, Demand and Receive

Price: 0 Length: 6 h & 4 h Language: English

We will work with the following method throughout the workshop: D.D.R Desire, Demand and Receive. Desire, Demand and Receive is a method that was conceived out of a performance project called S.A.D. The process dealt with grief and sadness; and how it operates in our individual and collective bodies. What can we ask for when we grief, and what can we give?

Come ready to work with others, and we will all partake in defining and articulating the practice.

Tove Sahlin is a performance artist with a focus on choreography and body. After working in various collectives, networks and companies, she is now running her own Performing Arts Company Shake it Collaborations. Since 2012, Shake it Collaborations has been touring nationally and internationally with their works. Sahlin is currently collaborating with singer/ voice artist Maria Johannssonn Jospehsson for her new piece ”it is as it is” premiere in Stockholm, December 2017.

Tove Sahlin has spent her performance career trying to define the core of collaboration: How do selected practices take part in shaping the artistic material, especially in collective processes? What methods can we use to create platforms for specific but open research?