Performers on stage, surrounding a huge chandelier.

Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy: Private Dancer

Price: 15 / 30 Length: 1,5 h Language: Swedish

A banquet.

A soiree.

An homage to the distinction between external projections and internal conceptions of reality.

Private Dancer is built on the music composed by Min stora sorg, which draws on the meeting between the ensemble and Lidia Bäck (director, actor, burlesque artist) in spring 2020. The performance is rooted in burlesque and cabaret, DJ’d live by Min stora sorg.

Content warnings:
Bright lights and loud sounds.

Acting in Swedish is a degree programme at Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy, and it is Finland’s only Swedish-speaking university degree within the performing arts. The programme supports students on their path toward their own artistic identities, and thereby wishes to provide Finland’s theater field with inspiration and cultural impulses.

Private Dancer is part of the fourth year students’ bachelor’s degree.

Director: Lidia Bäck
Choreography: Huong Hoang
Light & set design: Julia Jäntti
Costume design: Meri Craig
Music: Min Stora Sorg
Sound design: Oscar Fagerudd
Graphic design: Victor Bäck
Performers: Antonia Atarah, Ellen Edlund, Alexandra Gustafsson, Tobias Klemets, Patrik Kumpulainen, Greta Lignell, Sara-Maria Pirhonen, Walter Ruokolahti, Linnea Sundblom & Ann-Sofie Lundin
Stage manager: Heli Litmanen
Costume: Anne Lehto
Light technician: Anna Rouhu
Sound technician: Heikki Laakso
Props: Heli Hyytiä
AV: Jyrki Oksaharju
Poster: Victor Bäck
Programme: Jaana Forsström
Photos: Sanni Siira
Producer: Venla Heikkilä
Production: Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy