Malou Zilliacus lying against a black background, surrounded by toys and a wall clock.

UusiTeatteri: Tidfri

Price: 15 / 30 Length: 30 min. Language: Finnish (10am) / Swedish (noon)

Atlas has run away. From fighting with Dad, from dance lessons, from the never-ending hurry. Every single parent in the world seems to be completely dependent on their calendars and work arrangements, but Atlas can’t even read a watch. What do adults even do with time since they’re always running out of it? The only routine that’s actually fun is Saturday’s candy day. Is that not enough of a hobby? Well, horse riding might be okay too… But it’s far too expensive. And Mum would rather want Atlas to play football.

Tidfri is a performance about being tired of the constant hurry and keeping to schedules. About not having enough time with your parents because they’re so busy creating adequate leisure time. And about wanting to know how to dance all the dances in the world even when you would rather chill in front of a screen. Through music, an ongoing escape attempt, and a magical backpack full of surprises, we invite children – along with Atlas – to a journey through anger and reflection, and to imagine what might happen if they suddenly managed to stop time.

Malou Zilliacus is an experienced actor who has collaborated with the collective PotatoPotato, Svenska Teatern in Helsinki, and ung scen/öst. In UusiTeatteri, Malou has worked in performances such as SönderfallÖver muren under havet, and Smulor av ord. In spring 2022, Malou directed Jani Lohikari’s play FFI – Finska för invandrare (Kaveri Collective & Kokkola City Theatre).

Jennie Boqvist is a scenographer and costume designer with experience in music videos, short films, and the fashion industry. This is Jennie’s first foray into theatre work.

Jenny Salomonsen is a musical artist. Her previous experience as artist and choreographer include a number of projects with theatres such as Svenska Teatern in Helsinki, Östgötateatern, and the Romeo & Julia choir at Dramaten.

Linnea Jansson is UusiTeatteri’s technician as well as a singer, songwriter, and music teacher. She has previously created the score for UusiTeatteri’s performances Bära frukt and Solen sover. She has a bachelor’s degree in music technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

Maria Tapaninen is a librarian, translator, and author. Her first novel, Vid lärkvatten (2003), received the De Wylder award from the Swedish Writers’ Union.

UusiTeatteri is a bilingual Sweden-Finnish theatre for children and youths. Since 2002, the theatre has worked mainly with newly written works for children and youths. Their performances take place in Swedish, Finnish, or both languages, and they perform both on their own home stage in Stockholm and on tour.

Script & direction: Malou Zilliacus
Scenography & costume: Jennie Boqvist
Choreography: Jenny Salomonsen
Music & light: Linnea Jansson
On stage: Malou Zilliacus
Photo: Malou Zilliacus
Finnish translation: Maria Tapaninen
Production: UusiTeatteri – a bilingual theatre for children and youths