Illustration, hand med lackade naglar, en vit band där det står Pelko och Fear, växter och annat.

Valkeapää & Hoffrén: Pelko/Fear

Price: 15 Length: 1,5 h Language: Finnish, English

Pelko/Fear is a conversational theatre piece. It uses togetherness, words and discussion, stories, music, simple acts, and humour. Valkeapää and Hoffrén present prepared scenes like Bogeyman, Letters from the audience (write a letter and earn free entry to the performance!), Spin the bottle, Death is afraid, and Fear gives wings, but the piece aims for diversity, multipolarity and safe unpredictability – by making the audience participate, gently and stealthily. The performance suits school kids and adults alike.

Vocal artist and performance maker Juha Valkeapää and musician, composer, sound designer and sound engineer Taito Hoffrén have previously worked together five times: Wooden Guy (2016), Ten journeys to a place where nothing happens (2010-14), Male Spaces (2006-08), vocal theatre Iki-Turso (1999-), and Q Theatre’s Kalevala (1997-1999).

Working group: Juha Valkeapää & Taito Hoffrén
Production: Kanteleen Ääniä, Hangö Teaterträff, Kanuti Gildi Saal & BIT Teatergarasjen
Photo: Niina Lehtonen Braun