Wasa Teater: Den där fjärde

15+ Price: 15 Length: 1 h 10 min. Language: Swedish

Sometimes the time stops for a while. A worn line from a poem, whose author we don’t remember the name of. But still, perhaps the only thing we have to say.

Sometimes, time stops. Sometimes it’s perfectly clear. Sometimes we know what the meaning of life is. Moments like there are experienced by the main character in Den där fjärde..

Den där fjärde is a fathers story about what happens when a family member is diagnosed with cancer. This is a play for everyone who has or who will experience sorrow.

Author: Benny Haag
Director: Ann-Luise Bertell
Scenographer: Jeremy Crotts
Actor: Carl Alm
Technician: Niclas Henriksson
Make-up: Anna Vesterback