Wasa Teater: Kontrakt med Gud

Price: 18 Length: 1 h 20 min. Language:

Markus wants to leave Rebecka after 14 years of marriage. One evening their teenage daughter takes amphetamine. In the ensuing rush she gets hit by a car. Markus kneels outside a hospital and prays to God. The daughter’s life hangs by a thread and Markus decides to negotiate with God. He promises to stay with his family, if a miracle happens. And God hears him.

Do you have to choose between duty and love, reason and emotion? Can a choice be both right and wrong?

Text: Mattias Andersson
Director: Ann-Luise Bertell
On stage: Riko Eklundh, Stina Engström, Daniela Franzell, Markus Lytts, Susanne Marins