Illustration av träd med dess rötter.

Weltoffen Demo

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During three workshops, the group has worked with body, voice, time and place with the guidance of choreographers and directors whose practices focus on examining shared space, duration, repetition and physicality. Inspired by The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben and The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Loewenhaupt Tsing, the work group explores rhythms, tempo, sounds of and in lifeforms in nature and environments that have been changed during the anthropocentric era. They do so via site-specific events and installations all around Hanko.

Weltoffen consists of students from the Theatre Academy Helsinki and the Berlin-based Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts who have worked together during three different workshops. The third and final part of the initiative organised by Rasmus Slätis takes place in connection with Hangö Teaterträff.

Working group: Oksana Lommi, Hilma Kotkaniemi, Herman Nyby, Justus Rothlaender, Oula Rytkönen, Lara M. Tacke & Tom Salminen