Wislava Szymborska: Under

Price: 12 Length: 1 h Language:

A captivating performance with four voices and four instruments.The performance is based on the Polish
Nobel-author Wisława Szymborskas poetry, translated by Anders Bodegård, with music by Carita Holmström and direction by Anna Simberg. We follow Szymborskas world of poetry from high to low. Without saying she has answers, she takes us to the questions of gratitude, prudence and responsibility. And to the MIRACLE that we’re still here, despite our disregard for each other and the world.

Text: Wisława Szymborska
Translation: Anders Bodegård
Music: Carita Holmström
Director & dramaturge: Anna Simberg
On stage: Martina Roos, Niklas Häggblom, Carita Holmström & Tom Salomonsen
Light: Jan-Erik Pihlström
Poster, photo: Lotte Estman-Wennström