Hangö teaterträff is an environmentally sustainable festival


Hangö teaterträff aims towards an environmentally sustainable festival. We want to, with all means, counter contamination, food waste and littering. At this festival we put an effort in waste sorting, more sustainable transport and organic food.


We also take into account that Hangö is a coastal town, which means that possible waste or litter could end up in the Baltic Sea, which we want to prevent.


During the festival we support and encourage easy, everyday, sustainable choices such as:


  • FOOD: Diet has a big impact on the environment.  Please prefer locally produced and ecological food and avoid food waste.


  • TRANSPORTATION: We recommend arriving to the festival by public transport or carpooling. There is a Facebook group specifically meant for offering or asking for rides called Hangö Teaterträff - Kimppakyyti. ← gör namnet till en länk till fb gruppen


  • RECYCLING: Please avoid using disposable products. It might be difficult to completely avoid producing waste, so please recycle all the waste you produce. There are recycle stations by all the festival venues.


  • AWARENESS: To make the festival ecologically sustainable requires everyone's participation. Please be mindful of yours choices and maintain the conversation on sustainability.

Hangö Teaterträff is a safe space for everyone


Hangö Teaterträff welcomes everyone to enjoy the festival program in a positive and respectful atmosphere. There is zero tolerance for all kinds of harassing or discriminating behaviour.


In case you encounter or witness this sort of behaviour please be in contact with the festival staff and we will intervene.

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