Alex Holmlund, Henrik Gullmets, Ole Öwre, Dennis Storhannus, Joel Forsbacka: TORBJÖRN LIVE

SATURDAY 6 June 2020 5:20pm
12+ 0€
Language: Swedish

Because of the Tiara pandemic, Torbjörn was forced to move back into his childhood bedroom. The idea was that it would be temporary and that he would be able to work remotely from his room. But Torbjörn became passive. Through a live stream we see Torbjörn’s childhood bedroom like we see Pullervo, the Saimaa ringed seal on WWF’s live stream. Like the seal Pullervo, Torbjörn often lies unmoving in his comfort zone – in other words, he lies still and plays video games. Unlike Pullervo, however, the viewer can direct Torbjörn, as certain sentences or commands written by the viewer in the chatroom can make Torbjörn react.

Torbjörn’s fight for survival is an interactive story, a virtual adventure about an adult in their childhood bedroom. It's an experimental combination of theatre, slow television, escape rooms and old text-based adventure games.

Content warning: The piece deals with mental illness and the apocalypse

To participate in the performance, open Zoom and give commands or directions to Torbjörn via the chat:
You can also follow the performance on Yle Areena:

The project is a collaboration between actors Alex Holmlund, Ole Öwre and Joel Forsbacka, filmmaker and animator Henrik "Honken" Gullmets (Rymdfisk) and cinematographer and editor Dennis Storhannus (Buttergoose media).

Working group: Alex Holmlund, Henrik "Honken" Gullmets, Ole Öwre, Dennis Storhannus, Joel Forsbacka
Photo: Henrik Gullmets