Nina-Maria Häggblom: MINNESBYRÅN

SATURDAY 6 June 2020 Durational
18+ 0€
Language: Swedish

Have you ever wanted to change your past? To make amends with someone who hurt you?

Minnesbyrån is an experiment on what an interactive and digital theatre piece could look like. In the work, reality and fantasy are woven together on an imagined ferry trip where the participant can decide how the story takes place. The piece is performed by a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, and the interaction takes place between a person and a computer program.

Minnesbyrån was developed in connection with Labbet r.f.’s residence playwright program.

Content warning: Descriptions of vomit

Minnesbyrån (The Memory Agency) is controlled entirely by a robot (bot). To participate you will need a computer, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection and headphones. Minnesbyrån is available on Facebook Messenger, and only in Swedish. Choose a quiet location ideally.

The play time is approx. 30 min.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet:

Open the Messenger app and search for Minnesbyran.
Select “Hangö 2020 – Minnesbyrån” and tap on “Kom igång” to begin.

If you are using a computer:

Open your web browser.
Go to:
Log in (if needed)
Tap on “Kom igång” to begin.

Nina-Maria Häggblom is a Helsinki-based playwright and dramaturgist who often explores borders, expectations, longing and tragicomic angles. Häggblom was chosen as Labbet r.f.’s first residence playwright, and she currently works as a temporary dramaturgist at Svenska Teatern.

Concept, text, planning: Nina-Maria Häggblom
Dramaturgical support: Otto Sandqvist